The only thing standing in your way of generational wealth, is knowledge!


Welcome to the Capital
Unlimited Blueprint!

My name is Jessica Laine and I want to help you take advantage of the amazing opportunity that currently exists in the foreign exchange market.

If you are not the familiar with Forex – don’t worry, I've created this platform as a one stop shop to bring you the best education possible. 

The truth is if you are not trading in the foreign exchange market,  you are really missing out.  This is by far the BEST home-based business that entrepreneurs can start to gain an immense amount of wealth. 

Becoming a successful trader is all about understanding the market and having the ability to create, master, and execute your own style with discipline and patience. My ultimate goal is to change the lives of millions by teaching a skillset that can end poverty forever. ​​​

In this program, I reveal the FOUNDATION of forex;  the evolution, how to participate, the basics of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and trading psychology.  Most people complicate the market, but in all honesty it is really simple.  I breakdown the foundation that is essential  for cashflow management. 

One of the great things about the Capital Unlimited Blueprint is that it also includes more advanced weekly calls, and a Facebook group to provide a community for success.

From Jessica Laine, ceo
of Capital Unlimited 

Dear Future Trader,

The recent pandemic showed us how important it is to have multiple income streams. Many people lost their jobs and had nothing to fall back on.

Maybe you found yourself in that situation … or maybe you can’t stand your current job and are looking for something that would allow you to work from home and be your own boss?  This was me!

I graduated from Spelman College, Magna Cum Laude, then worked as a news reporter for two years.  During my tenure, I realized the importance of entrepreneurship, and stumbled across the realm of investing.  Following the influence of highly successful mentors, I delved deep into expanding my portfolio.​  Now I am here to teach you the same.  

Whatever your situation, the Forex market
could be just what you are looking for.

And before you think – there is no way I can learn to trade Forex, I don’t know anything about it …

I urge you to think again. The truth is anyone can trade Forex by learning the foundational principles. This is an amazing, multi TRILLION dollar per day, market that can transform your financial situation.

I should know because it has done exactly that for me.  There was a time when I didn’t know ANYTHING about Forex.  I had no idea what it was, or how to trade. Now, not only have I made an immense amount of wealth for myself, but I’ve taught students all across the world how to do the same.  

 I created the Capital Unlimited Blueprint, to teach you from the ground up, the first steps to become CONSISTENTLY profitable. 

So Who exactly is this Course for?

I created this course for anyone who wants more – whether it is money, freedom, or a better lifestyle.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a home-based business … someone who wants to create extra income… or someone who wants to fill your life with more excitement... This course is for you!

don't let the lack of knowledge 
stand in your way!

You see, over the past few years the popularity of Forex trading has really taken off, as people like you discovered the flexibility and accessibility that it offers.

The simple truth is, people complicate the market.. they approach the market with strategies opposed to understanding STRUCTURE.  The sooner you can understand the flow of the market, the sooner you will be able to make money.  I am here to shorten your learning curve. 

Build Your Wealth Working
from Home as a Forex Trader!

While entrepreneurs are busy starting businesses that are “a dime a dozen” like blogs, information product businesses, and multi-level marketing … they are all missing out on a truly amazing opportunity to grow their wealth in the Forex market.

The good news, is that by coming to this page you not only know the truth of what is possible …

But you also have access to an expert who has, "gone through the fire," so you don't have to.  

With the Capital Unlimited Blueprint, I will take you by the hand and show you the first steps of exactly what you need to succeed as a Forex trader.  
In this program, I simplify the entire process so you can get started quickly, easily and without feeling the stress that typically comes from not being sure how to proceed. You’ll have a complete blueprint to follow!

Introducing the Capital Unlimited Blueprint!

Sign up now and get immediate access to 5 modules

  • Module #1 – History of Forex … a $500 value!
  • Module #2 – Foundation of Trading … a $500 value!
  • Module #3 – Technical Analysis … a $500 value!
  • ​Module #4 – Fundamental Analysis … a $1,000 value!
  • ​Module #5 – Trading Psychology … a $1,000 value!

That’s a total value of $3,500!

But if you sign up today you only pay $499!  

That’s right, you’ll basically be paying for only one module and getting the other 4 for FREE!

But you must hurry! 

This is a limited time offer that will expire after just 100 future

Don’t procrastinate and miss out … Forex has become the place whe.re fortunes are created.

In fact, if you are not trading Forex you are really missing out on one of today’s best wealth building opportunities. Don’t let a lack of knowledge or fear hold you back! 

Here’s What is Included in the Course:

Module #1 – The Evolution of Forex

Here you’ll learn:

The history of money and how the foreign exchange market evolved, market participants, how traders make money and other historical key components. 

What you learn in this section, may definitely  surprise you, however an overall understanding of all these contributing factors are extremely important to ensure your success.  

Module #2 – Foundation of Trading

Here you’ll learn:

How to get started, and everything you need to know to provide the foundation for long-term success!

I will go over spreads, volatility, liquidity... and various other foundational principles such as volume, trading sessions, leverage, lot sizes, PIPs and more –don’t worry, I break each essential concept down into easy to understand “morsels” so you can build your knowledge fast.

Module #3 – Technical Analysis

Here you’ll learn:

How to systematically approach the market and consistently find the best, most profitable trades.

How to carefully analyze potential trades so that you make profits.

How to identify trends, structure, and how to execute entries for maximum profits.

Module #4 – Technical Analysis

Here you’ll learn:

How fundamental analysis affects the foreign exchange market from a macro economic perspective.  

How the foreign exchange market is influenced and manipulated politically, and how geopolitical factors control the economic landscape of the market.  

Module #5 – Trading Psychology

Here you’ll learn:

Psychology is the most important part of trading, however many people have to go through a maturation process in their journey to understand what this really means.  

I will give you an overview of how to develop the winning mindset you need to have to succeed as a Forex trader, and how to overcome the various psychological hindrances that hold most traders back.  Developing the proper mindset is imperative for long-term trading success.  

Plus, Sign Up Now & Receive This Free Bonus Gift:

Group Training & Q&A Calls 

Here you’ll get expert advice from me on how to best implement the trading tips and strategies revealed in the course.  I will also go over set ups on a weekly basis for you to confirm your own bias.  

Act now and you can get it all for just $499!

What Others Are Saying About Our Training:

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Start Trading Forex!

The Forex market is booming. Currency trading has never been more popular. Unfortunately, a lot of beginning traders just jump into the market and try to make money using only their instincts. They end up using cheap, ineffective trading strategies that don’t produce as promised.

This leads to their dreams being crushed and often causes them to stay in or go back to a job they hate.

This program is designed to give you the solid foundation you need to achieve long-term Forex trading success. It will show you how to have both fun and success trading. This is your chance to get rid of stress and uncertainty and fear of the unknown. With this program you learn what Forex is and exactly what you need to do to profit from it.

So the decision is now yours:

Do nothing and continue to worry about your and your family’s financial future …

Or sign up for this masterclass and learn exactly what you need to do to make money trading Forex from home.

This program is packed with proven secrets, tips, tricks and techniques that have allowed traders across the world to make major profits trading Forex. 

These modules cover all aspects of the industry – from what you need to know to get started … to what investment strategies work best … to how to build your business and achieve your goals.

You’ll know what to do step by step – there will be no “trial and error” … no stressful uncertainty.

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